Sunday, 28 July 2013

IP Address Configuration with Windows PowerShell

Once again I'm sitting in front of a newly built Windows Server 2012 machine running only Server Core in my lab at home.  This time I want to configure some IP address settings on the new machine.

The following Windows PowerShell commands get the job done:

Step #1

I need to get details about my network adapters so I run the following command.


Get-NetAdapter Results

Step #2

Now I can configure the adaptor I want.  I this case there is only one, so it is easy to select the correct one.  My address details are as follows:


To configure this configuration I run the following command:

New-NetIPAddress -IPAddress `
   -Default Gateway `
   -AddressFamily IPv4 `
   -PrefixLength 24 `
   -InterfaceIndex 19

New-NetIPAddress Results

Step #3

Finally I want to configure some DNS settings. This is the command I run:

Set-DnsClientServerAddress `
       -ServerAddress `
       -InterfaceIndex 19

That's it!!! Easy.

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