Sunday, 10 June 2012

iTunes Metadata and iTunes Match

My iTunes metadata is a mess.  I signed up to iTunes Match when it was first released in Australia and think it is a good solution.  If iTunes Match knows what my music is, why can't I use Apple's metadata to clean up the metadata in my iTunes library?

I can!!!

This isn't bullet proof, I find perhaps twenty percent of songs that are matched but don't seem to have metadata available from Apple.  I also find songs from some albums will get marked as the single or an iTunes release and mess up groupings via album, but I can fix that up afterwards.  All in all though it works pretty well.  See this post.  Like the original poster, I'm in Australia his script is perfect for me.

NOTE:  I'm using OS-X 10.6.8 so had to install the XCode from my Snow Leopard media and not the App Store, but otherwise the instructions in the above post worked perfectly.

UPDATE 01 JULY 2012:  After a recent update from Apple installed on my computer the ruby script stopped working.  I think it was an iTunes update.  Follow this link for details on how to fix this issue:

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